The Importance of Home Appraisals in Chicago Real Estate


Home appraisals play a crucial role in the real estate market, especially in a bustling city like Chicago. Accurate home appraisal are essential for various reasons, including refinancing, estate settlements, tax appeals, mortgages, and divorce settlements. Fair Market Value Inc. stands out in the Chicago area with over 30 years of experience, offering licensed and trusted real estate appraisal services.

What is a Home Appraisal?

A home appraisal is an unbiased estimate of the true (or fair market) value of what a home is worth. This valuation is conducted by a professional appraiser who provides an objective assessment of the property’s value. The appraisal is crucial for both buyers and sellers, as it ensures that the price of the home reflects its true value based on several factors such as location, condition, and comparable sales in the area.

Why Home Appraisals Matter

  1. Refinancing: Homeowners looking to refinance their mortgage need an appraisal to determine their home’s current market value. This is vital as it influences the terms and conditions of the new mortgage.
  2. Estate Settlements: During estate settlements, appraisals are essential to determine the value of a deceased person’s property. This ensures fair distribution among heirs and may be required for tax purposes.
  3. Tax Appeals: If a homeowner believes their property has been over-assessed, an appraisal can provide evidence to appeal the property taxes. This can potentially lower the homeowner’s annual tax burden.
  4. Mortgages: Lenders require an appraisal before approving a mortgage to ensure that they are not lending more money than the property is worth. This protects the lender in case the borrower defaults on the loan.
  5. Divorce Settlements: In divorce cases, an appraisal is often necessary to equitably divide marital property. It provides a clear, unbiased value of the home, facilitating a fair settlement.

The Appraisal Process

The home appraisal process involves several steps to ensure an accurate and fair valuation. Here’s an overview of what typically happens:

  1. Property Inspection: The appraiser will conduct a thorough inspection of the property, both inside and out. They will look at the overall condition, size, layout, and any upgrades or improvements.
  2. Comparable Sales Analysis: The appraiser will compare the property with similar homes that have recently sold in the area. This comparative market analysis helps in determining the fair market value.
  3. Neighborhood Analysis: The location of the property significantly impacts its value. The appraiser will assess the neighborhood, considering factors like schools, amenities, and overall market trends.
  4. Final Appraisal Report: After gathering all necessary information, the appraiser compiles a detailed report outlining their findings and the estimated value of the property.

Choosing the Right Appraiser

Selecting a qualified and experienced appraiser is critical for an accurate house appraisal. Fair Market Value Inc. is a reputable choice in the Chicago area. With over 30 years of experience, they have established a strong reputation for providing reliable and precise appraisals. Their team of licensed appraisers is knowledgeable about the local market, ensuring that clients receive the most accurate valuation possible.


Accurate home appraisals are vital for various real estate transactions, including refinancing, estate settlements, tax appeals, mortgages, and divorce settlements. Fair Market Value Inc. offers over 30 years of experience in providing trustworthy and precise appraisals in the Chicago area. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to refinance, an heir settling an estate, or a couple going through a divorce, having a reliable appraisal can make a significant difference in ensuring fair and equitable outcomes.

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