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PSG for ERP Software: Empowering SMEs with Affordable Business Solutions


For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), investing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be a game-changer, streamlining operations and driving growth. However, the cost of implementing ERP solutions can often be prohibitive for SMEs with limited budgets. Fortunately, the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) offers a lifeline, providing financial assistance to SMEs in Singapore to adopt ERP software and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

Understanding PSG for ERP Software:
The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is a government initiative in Singapore aimed at supporting SMEs in their digital transformation journey. Under PSG, eligible businesses can receive funding support to defray the costs of adopting pre-approved digital solutions, including ERP software. This financial assistance makes it more accessible for SMEs to implement ERP systems and leverage technology to improve productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of PSG for ERP Software:
PSG funding for ERP software brings a myriad of benefits to SMEs:

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions: With PSG funding, SMEs can access ERP software at a reduced cost or even for free, depending on the level of grant support. This makes it feasible for businesses with limited budgets to invest in sophisticated ERP solutions that would otherwise be out of reach.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: By implementing ERP software, SMEs can streamline their business processes, automate routine tasks, and improve overall operational efficiency. PSG funding allows SMEs to harness the full potential of ERP systems without worrying about the financial burden.
  3. Competitive Advantage: In today’s digital age, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. PSG-funded ERP software equips SMEs with the tools and capabilities to compete effectively in the market, enabling them to deliver better products and services to customers.
  4. Support for Growth: ERP systems provide SMEs with scalability and flexibility, allowing them to adapt to changing business needs and scale their operations as they grow. With PSG funding, SMEs can invest in ERP software with confidence, knowing that they have the support they need to succeed.

How to Apply for PSG for ERP Software:
To apply for PSG funding for ERP software, SMEs can follow these simple steps:

  1. Identify Eligibility: Ensure that your business meets the eligibility criteria for PSG funding, including being registered and operating in Singapore, and having a minimum of 30% local shareholding.
  2. Choose Pre-Approved Solution: Select an ERP software solution from the list of pre-approved vendors and solutions under PSG. These solutions have been vetted by the government and meet specific quality and functionality requirements.
  3. Submit Application: Submit your PSG application online through the Business Grants Portal (BGP) or through a registered PSG vendor. Provide the necessary documentation and information to support your application.
  4. Await Approval: Once your application is submitted, it will be processed by the relevant government agencies. If approved, you will receive confirmation of the grant amount and any additional instructions for implementing the ERP software.


PSG for ERP Software presents a valuable opportunity for SMEs in Singapore to embrace digital transformation and drive business growth. By leveraging government support, SMEs can access cost-effective solutions that enhance efficiency, competitiveness, and scalability. With PSG funding, ERP software is no longer a luxury reserved for large enterprises but a practical investment for SMEs looking to thrive in today’s digital economy.

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