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Decoding Crime Scenes: The Techno-Wizardry of Forensic Workstation



Embarking on a journey into the heart of criminal investigations, the Forensic Workstation emerges as a modern sorcerer’s wand, armed with the spells of Cognitech Tri-Suite 64. The Vietnamese Ministry of Defense wields this technological marvel, featuring Video Active for forensic capture, Video Investigator for image wizardry, and Automeasure for crime scene photogrammetry. Let’s unravel the enchanting details of this magical apparatus that transforms pixels into justice.

Illuminating the Shadows: Video Active’s Capture Wizardry 

Within the Forensic Workstation, Video Active stands as a digital conjurer, capturing the essence of crime scenes with unparalleled finesse. Its forensic capture and camera calibration prowess turn mere footage into a magical canvas for investigators. Through precise calibration, Video Active ensures that every pixel in the captured realm aligns with reality. The result is a meticulous dance of light and shadow, revealing hidden clues and guiding investigators through the labyrinth of crime scenes with unparalleled precision.

Pixel Alchemy: Video Investigator’s Enigmatic Transformations

Video Investigator, the mystical maestro of the Forensic Workstation, indulges in pixel alchemy, unraveling the secrets concealed within visual data. As investigators peer into seemingly ordinary images, Video Investigator employs advanced algorithms to extract the extraordinary. This software transcends the boundaries of conventional image processing, turning blurred visions into crystal-clear revelations. In the realm of crime scene forensics, where details are the currency of justice, Video Investigator’s enigmatic transformations become the key to unlocking hidden truths.

Charting Mystical Realms: Automeasure’s Photogrammetric Spellbook

Automeasure, the third enchantment in the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64, unfurls its photogrammetric spellbook to chart the mystical realms of crime scenes. It transforms 2D images into three-dimensional tapestries, where every detail is meticulously woven into the fabric of investigation. Automeasure’s spellbinding ability to recreate crime scenes in a virtual space transcends traditional methods. Investigators find themselves immersed in a magical journey, navigating through spatial relationships and unraveling the intricate threads of complex scenarios with a wizardry only technology can provide.


In the mesmerizing tapestry of crime scene forensics, the Forensic Workstation emerges not as a mere tool but as a techno-wizard’s staff, wielding the spells of Video Active, Video Investigator, and Automeasure. Through capture wizardry, pixel alchemy, and photogrammetric spellcasting, this apparatus transforms the mundane into the extraordinary, guiding investigators through the labyrinth of crime scenes with an enchantment that transcends the boundaries of conventional investigation. In the ever-evolving saga of criminal justice, the Forensic Workstation stands as a beacon, where technology and wizardry converge to unveil the mystical truths hidden within the pixels of crime scenes.

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